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Roxana Radulescu & Veronica Stewart - What is the modern workplace and how does it impact me?

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Join our Agile Experts Roxana Radulescu & Veronica Stewart as we discuss the modern workplace and what it means to Agile. 

Roxana Radulescu 15+ years in corporate learning & development executive level, top legal consulting, now Founder of All Personal training, coaching & consulting, working with millennial emerging leaders to help them become dream bosses and build dream teams. Find out more about Roxana’s work at

Veronica Stewart 15+ years working with agile transformations within companies, Founder of Ingenious Agile and an Enterprise Agility Coach| OKRs |Business Agility & Performance Coaching. Find out more about Veronica’s work at

They are co-hosts of the Game Changing Work Live Show, where it’s all about transforming the modern workplace. Join them live on their LinkedIn profiles and subscribe to the Game Changing Work YouTube channel.


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