The Daily Standup
Episode 299

Seeking True Happiness - What Does It Take?

AgileDad published on

The ONLY true path to happiness is in helping others find the happiness they deserve. Join V. Lee Henson in this Agile not so Agile episode of The Daily Standup where we learn: 

Helping others brings us happiness for three reasons:

  • Diversion: When you worry less about your own needs–in this case, finding your own balloon–the stress of that hunt decreases. Taking your focus away from the fact that you can’t find your own balloon lets you divert your attention away from your own problem. The feeling of compassion replaces the feeling of need.
  • Perspective: Having concern for other people helps us remember that we are all facing similar problems in life–no matter what the individual severity of the issue is. Sometimes when we are focused on our own issues, they get put into perspective when we encounter the true suffering of others. It’s easy to then realize the excess amount of attention we’ve been giving our own problems. Having compassion helps us put our problems into perspective.
  • Connection: Connecting with others by helping them can bring happiness into your life. Humans are social beings that need to have positive connections with other people in order to be happy. Connecting with other people enriches our lives and gives us a sense of fulfillment.
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