The Daily Standup
Episode 414

Success Sucks! Be GRATEFUL For Failure

AgileDad published on

Why does success suck?

5,126 failed prototypes to show for 15 years worth of savings and you’d think Sir James Dyson would have pulled the pin on his invention. Instead, he pulled the bag – and prototype number 5,127 went on to become the best-selling bagless vacuum in the USA. According to Forbes, Dyson now employs 650 engineers and scientists, and boasts more than 560 patents. In an interview with Entrepreneur, he said of success: “You never learn from success, but you do learn from failure. (When I created the Dual Cyclone vacuum), I started out with a simple idea, and by the end, it got more audacious and interesting. I got to a place I never could have imagined because I learned what worked and didn’t work.”

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