The Daily Standup
Episode 301

The TOP 10 Reasons Work Carries Over From One Sprint To the Next

AgileDad published on

I have recently seen MANY teams struggle woth work carrying over from one sprint to the next. My good friends at Agilemania asked that I review the top ten reasons this happens: 

1) The team fails to inspect and adapt based on learnings from the precious sprint or release
2) Having people step in as the "proxy" product owner when things are not moving in the right direction or when decisions are not made fast enough. 
3) No T-Shaped Teams. Suffering caused by inter-team and intra-team dependencies 
4) No regular updates to the Sprint Backlog - No use of visual indicators
5) No Proper backlog refinement/grooming prior to sprint planning 
6) Nearly Done Work Syndrome (NDWS) It is a terrible disease
7) Limited or missing definition of done
8) Teams as working groups and not well formed teams. Focus is on individual performance and lacks team accountability
9) Abuse of how in-sprint interruptions are handled. Trying to squeeze in unplanned work 
10) Teams using TIME to forecast instead of points. I cannot believe this is still even an issue! 

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