The Daily Standup
Episode 371

The Top 5 Objections to Scrum and Why They are Wrong!

AgileDad published on

Join V. Lee Henson, President and Founder of AgileDad as we explore the top 5 objections to Scrum and how handle each with dignity.

  1. Too many meetings—we don’t have time!  (Scrum events actually SAVE time.)
  2. We can’t deliver working software in less than one month!  (You can if you deliver smaller pieces)
  3. We have deadlines; we can’t use Scrum!  (Scrum increases the probability of meeting deadlines.)
  4. We need to PLAN!  There’s no PLANNING in Scrum.  (Scrum Teams actually PLAN more)
  5. Our management team will never go for it (They might with the right approach)
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