The Daily Standup
Episode 356

Top Responsibilities That do NOT belong to the ScrumMaster

AgileDad published on

Join V. Lee Henson as we explore the top things that people try to handoff to the scrummaster that are not their responsibilities: 

1) ScrumMaster works as a proxy between the team and everyone else
2) The ScrumMaster is NOT the sole person to remove impediments
3) ScrumMasters should NOT be the daily scrum manager or lead
4) The ScrumMaster is not the teams administrative assistant or secratary
5) ScrumMasters should never be the Product Owner
6) The ScrumMaster is NEVER the Quality Gatekeeper
7)  ScrumMasters are not responsible for monitoring control
8) The ScrumMaster is NOT your chief planning architect
9) ScrumMasters do NOT control the teams schedule - they are NOT the manager  


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