The Dark Timeline Chronicles

Episode 8 of The Dark Timeline Chronicles

Ronixis Kenny published on

The longest episode yet - at nearly 3 hours.

  • Oscar Talk
  • Opinions about Fox's Star and improvements for season two
  • Archies Return to TV with Riverdale and some awesome stuff about It, 100 and the flash
  • The reason politics is what it is - conserning back in 1993 with CBS's loss of the NFC rights and the end of WCW in 2001
  • Ownage isnt the problem, Hypermasulinty has its place.... but the bullshit causing problems is Malinant Masulinity and Sissyication (the latter two go hand and hand)
  • Netflix is going bye, bye man. WHY?
  • And a preview of episode 9

Dont forget the Kagan No Sai annnouncment on soundcloud.

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