The Drunken Wrench

Episode 10

Stop Driving Badly

Colton McRae published on

For our big momentous 10th episode, we're going off on a tangent about bad driving and the problems it causes. This should be cathartic for a lot of enthusiasts as we're going to vocalise your biggest frustrations with the general driving public. Enjoy!

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  • Azrael Cail

    Why the fuck does colton sound like he's talking through a tin can? XD

  • Jason Windsor

    Drop her off to keep entertained with Jay..........I am all good with that. BUT ya need to pick your words more gooder. LOL

    I might be up most of the summer why not say oh invite me and we can go back to the cottage?

    Ya hit my favorite hate, speed on straights drop anchor at the slightest bend in the road.