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How to Get Started as a Coach

Ellory Wells published on

It was a cold and cloudy day in Toronto. Jason, Mike and I sat at the long table, pushed back our plates, picked up our mugs, and finished dinner.

Throughout the conversation that followed, the three of us discovered that combined, we'd spent over $20,000 on conferences, classes, and training, and had spent almost 15 years studying our craft. We'd each traveled to multiple countries, touched multiple coasts, and ended relationships (but built way more), all in the pursuit of the knowledge and experience that would help us build our businesses.

The reason I share that story is to illustrate how three entrepreneurs and owners have built successful businesses by investing in their learning. If you're not investing in yourself, oftentimes with money (and sometimes with money you don't have), you will struggle in life. And, more specifically, if you're not learning, you shouldn't even try to get started as a coach.

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