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Profit, Enjoyment, Impact, and How to Ask for Business [EWS9]

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Today on the Ellory Wells Show, you'll hear a talk I gave at Podcast Movement in 2016 called, Proof of Concept: How to Use Your Podcast to Showcase Your Skills and Build Your Business. 

I've also included the audience questions and a little extra motivation from yesterday's story on Snapchat. We'll wrap up the show today with how profit, enjoyment, and impact are three crucial elements of successfully starting a business. Enjoy!

In this episode you'll hear about:

  • Audience Question 1 @15:45
    • So you talked about creating content and creating programs for people to sign up for. When creating those how do you transition that into your podcast and sell it? When you do create it, do you have it all spelled out before or do you create as you go? So you have someone signing up for a program that is going to take them from A to B. Do you create the program in advance or do you sell the program and then start creating as you get people to sign up?
  • Audience Question 2 @19:00
    • You talked about ask. Can you expand on that? How you can ask for what you want? You can ask for subscribers, you can ask for people's business, but in such a way that isn't irritating or in a way that isn't like you're always, always asking. That's not always a positive thing.
  • How you have to think in order to be successful in business
  • How to make money with your podcast
  • Illustrate your expertise
    • Case studies/testimonials
    • Do what you do, but do it live
    • How do you know what you know
  • Freemium model
  • Storytelling
    • The more you share, the more people will like you
    • Share something embarrassing/hurtful
  • Ask
  • Which comes first, the product or the buyers?
  • How do you "ask"?
  • Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist
  • 8 Reasons You Should Consider Self-Publishing
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