The Exp/Noise/Weirdshit/Novelty Show
Episode 10

Hipster Housey

Dom Galati published on

Episode 10 here. We go through all of the lofi house/ youtube house / hipster house / whatever you wanna call it records we've been buying lately and talk about sophisticated ass topics like how only cunts† like vacation, full scale chinese takeover of the united states and kidney stones. How's that for a run-on sentence.

†british version of cunts - which is less of a swear



Hank Youngman - Wabi Sabi -

Unfinished Portraits - Memory Lake -

Dawit Eklund - Psycho Animus -

Hidden Spheres - Its Gonna Last -

Eros and Thanatos - Minimal Violence -

Senate - Fumble in the Goal Square -

Munir - Feels Around You -

D.Dan - Final Dantasy -

See Other - Waitin -

DJ Nobu - WWWW -

Steffi - Novemeber -

Ozel AB - Red Wet -

DJ Blockbuster Home Video - I Still Care - OUT SOON ON MEMORY GLANDS


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