The Exp/Noise/Weirdshit/Novelty Show
Episode 7

Watmm Tunes pt. 1

Dom Galati published on

We play the tunes of various watmmers. Spiral thinks he hears the beatles. Triachus taps dances for us.

Seriously is a forum for nerds who like electronic music, but it is also host to many great artists who are underappreciated and will probably be influential and famous one day. Get in early, this thing is at the ground floor. I'm talking mercedes, dude. Male pedicures. Silk robes. Dont you want to impress your parents? Invest in our community today. Tracklist:

1. DJ Dream Dad - DadCruiseV2 (unreleased)

2. Sheathe (Shea) - Royal Gorge (unreleased)

3. Silver Trifolium - Hi Hey Hi Rainforest (unreleased)

4. Rhyme Trails - Perigee IV Link

5. Tellem Hawk - Rude Boy Lounge  Link

6. Grottenholm - Nautilux Link

7. Stochastic - Blistering Thumbs and a Broken Heart Link

8. Kristopher Bernard - Girls Come and Go Link

9. Flex Unger - Bitches Lament Link (Little Music for Little People)

10. DJ Saint Hubert - The Secrets of Dragon Basketball Link

11. AHHH - Yamagotchi Long Voices 

12. Underscore - I Wish This Window Was Open Link

13. Hello Foil - Spiralling Piano Drills Ruin My Flow I Link

14. Lex Looper - Tie Your Shoelaces Link

15. Trashbear Twin - Aganjapolis Link

16. DorkingtonPugsly - Chatmm Is My Sphincter Link

17. Maitake - Unreleased Track

18. Mozzarella Stick - I'm Not Sing My Song To Share It Link

19. Hello Spiral - Anorexic Jellyfish (Theo Watkins Remix) (unreleased)

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