The FitRoots Podcast
Episode 16

Digitise Your Business - Automate Your Freedom

Aidan Lee published on

In this episode, we have Nalisha Patel. 


Nalisha is a digital nomad who travels the world while building online health and lifestyle businesses. 


She is a superstar at getting free publicity and media coverage to gain a massive influx of leads and profits. 


Having been featured in over 65+ various media features, including a reality TV show, Yahoo Travel, The Huffington Post, Daily Mail and even the current affairs TV show, ‘60 Minutes’, where she was featured and interviewed alongside Tim Ferriss, author of ‘The Four Hour Work Week’, she wants to help other business owners leverage the power of the media, write for high profile magazines and get themselves to build credibility and boost authority. 


Nalisha shares her steps for success and how you too can benefit. 


She is a former Personal Trainer of 14+ years, and now a lifestyle coach, helping entrepreneurs build online businesses so they too can travel and live out a life that they desire. She also runs various online programs to help people lose weight and gain more wellness. 


We discussed how to digitise your business, why you should automate parts of business, and how this will give you the freedom you want, and much more! 


Are you ready to listen? 


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