The FitRoots Podcast
Episode 18

Forgiveness & Fortune

Aidan Lee published on

In this episode, we have Liam Britton. 


Liam is an ex fitness studio owner based in West Sussex, UK. He is a big Arsenal fan, animal lover and enjoys spending time on the farm where he lives. 

He now is programme director for the Powerful Man which helps male business owners find more happiness, joy and fulfilment in their lives.


A turning point in his life was losing his Dad to a motorcycle accident in 2008 at just 21 years old, but after a profound and powerful 20 minute conversation whilst on a trip in Canada in 2015, his life took a new direction.


Liam Has: 


  1. Taken 2 businesses to six figures in under 12 months.

  2. Travelled the world as a platinum partner with Tony Robbins.

  3. Have helped multiple fitness professionals build highly profitable businesses that work on their terms.


We discussed how and why we should forgive ourselves and others, how one 20 minute conversation changed Liam’s life, and much more! 


Are you ready to listen? 


You can find Liam at: 


Website – 30 Day Boot Camp -

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Forgiveness meditation -?  

The Powerful Man (Liam is programme director) - 

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