The FitRoots Podcast
Episode 15

Returning From Rock Bottom

Aidan Lee published on

In this episode, we have Marita Moore. 


Marita Moore is the owner of Lotus Fitness Academy and an award winning empowerment coach. 


As a young girl she was bullied at school for being different. She would come home with broken bones and glass cuts to her face daily, by 13 years old, her mental health was in crises and she attempted to take my own life. 


By 16 she was homeless, trusted no one, and had no friends. Her life was unbearable and she didn’t think she had anything to offer or any reason to be loved. You could say she was at rock bottom. 


Today her life is unrecognisable, it is filled with love and beauty and success. 


Lotus Fitness Academy allows her to work with all kinds of beautiful souls, from those in crises just like she was, to those that just have a dream and want to succeed. 


She is featured in national and local press as well as radio for her expertise in the fitness world. 


We discussed how to overcome mental health problems, why mental strength and making a comeback are so key, and much more! 


Are you ready to listen? 


You can find Marita at: 


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