The Free Radicals
Episode 4

Brian Glassett (Part 1) – Vedantic Alchemical Taoism and how to be a modern monk

Paul Morehead published on

Brian Glassett is the father of Tknoyogi, (T: Technology, Kno: Knowledge, Yogi: One who practices yoga) and Vedantic Alchemical Taoist practitioner.

I caught Brian in the first 13 days of his new PHD research where he embarks on a mutation of his consciousness through chanting Sanskrit for 4 hours a day, as well as an additional dose of meditation and yoga. Quite the feat for a man who does so much with his time. 

In this episode we dive into deep wells of spiritual science, including the non-dualistic nature of nature, walking the line between yin & yang, light and dark, our millennial postmodernism, (postmodernism in the sense of “breaking the hierarchies, and structures of society and reconstructing ways forward that are more true to the human spirit”) deconstructing our forms, as well as being the best modern monk one can be.

All this and more as we hear from a man who is doing the deepest digging one can do. I really enjoyed this conversation and look forward to Part 2 of this brillaint exploration into the world of Tknoyogi. 

You can find more of Brian's work:


Instagram @tknoyogi_spiritcraft

Tknoyogi: Melding his eclectic esoteric studies with a passion for design, brian endeavors to create functionally beautiful 'spiritcrafts' {mostly posters for now} which serve as constant sources of knowledge in whatever space they occupy.  As a 'supplier for spiritual study and practice,' tknoyogi spiritcraft hopes to be an ally on your path - providing products that help to remind you of your unlimited potential. 

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