The Free Radicals
Episode 12

Getting through the hard stuff with Christine Judd

Paul Morehead published on

Getting through the hard stuff can take many different forms. Christine Judd knows how to take life's challenges, and transform them through her creative projects.

Christine's marketing expertise combined with a photography business, Lomi Lomi therapy, Yoga teaching, podcasting and writing keeps her quite occupied, and always exploring the depths of her soul. When she's not running her 4 business, Christine Judd loves to travel the world. 

Christine's story speaks to my heart. After years of the corporate world in marketing, her stressed levels could no longer go unchecked. Ironically it was her boss that recommended she try yoga, and during a class for the first time in her life, her mind was at peace. From there her life unfolded in all manner of unpredictable ways, and is now taking a yearly Yoga retreat (to Bali,) as well as becoming a Lomi Lomi massage practitioner, and pet photographer.

"When everything in our environment tells us to slow down, recognize that if I don’t listen to what my body, mind and spirit needs, then I'm no use to anyone else, and can’t be the best version of myself at any given moment.” – Christine Judd

Her book, Clarity (Amazon Link) is a wonderful, practical approach to creating a business as a holistic practitioner. was a stepping stone to get out of the way, and now she’s focusing far more on the healing and photography aspects. 

Her Podcast, Living Through the Hard Stuff, is a raw, radical exploration around depression, and the tools and techniques she uses to deal with the darker sides of life. 

Check out more of Christine at:


Podcast: Living Through the Hard Stuff

Instagram: Christinejuddphotography

Instagram: 365 Gratitude

She started 365 Gratitude: An experiment to explore gratitude and healing by finding the beauty in the small things. Originally a way to shine light on the difficulties as a way to reflect and find that grain of goodness in tough times. 

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