The Free Radicals
Episode 13

Lila Quest: Chris Grace & Haley Spitzfaden – Magic is inheirant in our world we only need reminding

Paul Morehead published on

In 2016 Chris Grace & Haley Spitzfaden hosted a Valentines day Quest that included a campus-wide scavenger hunt, and ended in a Valentines day party celebrating magic, love and had plenty of spectial effects. Needless to say it was a smashing success. 

What began as a passion project between two friends at their university evolved into an immersion luxury event company that brings magic to the world. They  started with humble quests with 1, then 9, then 35, then 75, and now host fully immersive, joyous game experiences for hundreds of people. They have already brought hearts and imaginations together, and now they look forward to working with conscious value-driven corportations.

Lila (Sanskrit word for Play) Quests utilize Joseph Cambells Hero's Journey structure, but takes a unique approach to taking people on a transformational quest of self-empowerment, wonder and magic. Lila Quest is one part science disguised as magic, one part fantasy disguised as reality, and one part puzzles. 

I was riveted to learn about Chris & Haley's challenges, struggles, existential questions and how creativity has changed their lives. They are an amazingly radical team on the edge of immersive adventures. I can't wait to see the evolution of Lila Quest!


"We believe that magic is inheirant in the world around, and people only need a reminder. So we create fantasy adventures in real life that intertwine with real history that feature science disguised as magic, and engaging puzzle hunts, and bring this together as luxury experienes for people." – Lila Quest

"We believe that magic is inheirant in the world and that people need a reminder." – Lila Quest

"If it doesn't equal parts excite and scare you, then is it even worth it?" – Chris Grace

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Chris & Haley were honored for Entrepreneurial Leadership Mayor Malloy of Fairfield Iowa, president John Hagelin of MUM University, father of eSports Walter Day. Lila For me (which is the Sanskrit word for "Play") represents my personal journey back to joy and being able to play as an adult.

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