The Free Radicals
Episode 10

Mike Gurevich – Release your creative potential by reinventing word-processing

Paul Morehead published on

How many times have you wanted to create something, but suppresed the urge, or let your critic take over?

Mike Gurrevich is a Software developer, writer, DJ, and creator of ILYS. ILYS stands for "I Love Yours Stories," a writing app, that frees your mind and lets you write without the abilty to delete, or look at what you are writing. Sound paradoxical? It is! Mike describes ILYS as "getting into positive feedback loops with creativity." We go through Mike's journey develpoing ILYS, and his inspiration from Julia Cameron's, Artists Way. 

Try a new way to write with ILYS:

The audio quality isn't great here, so I humbly apolgize for that. 


Mike is the creator of The Super Variety Show, an R-rated, strange, sexually explicit, yet magical film. WARNING! this film is known to be highly offensive to those who are sensitive to sexual, strange, visual paradoxes and raunchy material.

Mike's NSFW film: Super Variety Show: 

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