The Free Radicals
Episode 14

Opare Agyeman – Nomadic Movements and living the Creative Ronin Lifestyle

Paul Morehead published on

In this Episode with Opare Agyeman, we talk music, creativity, philosophy and the power of storytelling.

Opare Agyeman & I talk on what principles are necessary to live as a Creative Ronin (??, a drifting or wandering Samurai without lord or master during the feudal period (1185–1868) of Japan. ) Both of us have been living this lifestyle and we touch on how to live by the code of creative authenticity as a nomadic content creator. 

The question about how to learn and grow from our own stories and find a process of sharing these ideas with the world? Which leads us to talk about Nomadic Movements. Which started from moving around a lot to of different creative zones, with different artists, to becoming a media & art hub for creativity and networking. It’s something that naturally resonates with who and where you are, then this is a platform for that. 

We talk about the desire to take your creative pursuits into the realm of healing and curiosity… How all religions have done this through parables, tales, stories for the same purpose to make something as abstract as omniscience, omnipotence, and self empowerment. How do we get people see this in themselves? Learning though stories allows us to go deeper into it and guide us through this process of human evolution. 


Sorry for the recording background noise. Opare was walking through the streets of New York, and I was on a fairly poor headset walking through the woods. I wanted to try an episode where we could walk and gather our thoughts on the move, and I won’t be doing this again unless we both are in a more quiet place. 


"Nomadic Movements is not something you have to think about, it’s an organic process that feels correct. It’s not something you need to be convinced that it’s right for you. The Nomadic movements purpose is by telling a cohesive, entertaining, multifaceted storyline through as many different platforms, with as many different artists as possible.” – OA

"The language of your own energy is your art. Make art formations about what you want to experience so that when you witness that art, you feel it.”

"To make art is to interview your own shadow.” – OA

"The power of a good teacher is to unveil that which is already there. It’s not always easy.” – PJM 

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