The Free Radicals
Episode 15

Paul J Morehead & Ben Cooley – Archetypes & Age vs. Youth

Paul Morehead published on

As we flash back through my childhood, healing journey, art career and ethics, spiritual catharsis, and re-discovering Yoga, we look at insights around creativity, EQ, the evolution of human information access, utility, and being of service in something greater as well as privilege, and conscious relationships, 

My good friend, and fellow cosmonaut, writer, and martial artist Ben Cooley and I talk about fundamentals of Jyotish (the science of light), the 3 modes of dealing with the universe: Tarot, I-Ching and Astrology, being an empath (and all the struggles of that), dealing with high school authority, and issues with authority, detachment from self (and identification with any I-personality), spiritual bypassing? not being seen, superiority, the rate at which human knowledge is doubling and our inner states. From the 60s to the 80s that’s a big cultural shift, imagine every 12 hours to make on. Information being in service to something else, we’re not serving the information, we’re in service to something else and the question is what? 

Age vs youth: Youth has the capacity to grow, heal, learn and develop in every way faster and with more vigorously, intensity, but wisdom and failure, and paradigm shifts, concepts being broken down has strategy and long-term vision otherwise all that energy gets used up. 


  • “There is no such thing as superiority, only access” – Sophia Bush, A Work in Progress. 
  • "Purposes are for screwdrivers, they’re not for people.”  – Ben Cooley
  • "What a country is is people, what a country is is peope. If it's not serving people than what the hell is it? – Ben Cooley 
  • “If you realize happiness now, what’s going to be your use in society?” – Ben Cooley
  • "Your growth to let them go, is for yourself to figure out what you think you need from them so you can experience the love you think you don’t have.” – Paul J. Morehead

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