The Free Radicals
Episode 7

Ray Scheller – We are Liquid Crystal Displays of Cosmic Vision

Paul Morehead published on

Welcome to The Free Radicals Episode 7!

Ray is a musician, cartoonist, and scientist and BA in Ayurveda, Vedic Science, and minor in Media and Communications. 

Ray Scheller and I discuss the origin of Sanskrit (Translation: City of the Gods), the relativity of time, how reclusiveness is a natural part of life, the body as a 3D hologram (or Liquid Crystal Display), the incredible edible Soma, synesthesia, the origins of Funk, Enlightenment as a group affair, the importance of reverence & responsible leadership, terraforming, inner earth, Vimanas (ancient Indian spacecrafts), the practical purpose of dark matter & energy, and how Fact is stranger than Fiction!

You can find more on Ray's Vedic Science at:

All this and more awaits you in this episode of Free Radicals!

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