The Free Radicals
Episode 11

Sascha Kyssa – Indigenous Healing Methods & The Eco Garden Handbook

Paul Morehead published on

How can indigenous medicine that has worked for thousands of years, treat modern mental illnesses? 

That is the question that Sascha Kyssa transpersonal psychology student at Sofia University, and avid gardener has experienced firsthand.

Episode Details: In this episode we discuss traditional health practices such as water fasting, meditation, and working with nature. His indigenous psychotherapy experiences in Peru, and shamanic healing in Europe has been instrumental to aid in his mental health, and helped deal with anxiety and trauma.

The Eco Garden Handbook (AmazonThe Eco-Garden Handbook) releasing in February 2019, covers a lot of ground, adn is a comprehensive handbook of sustainable agriculture tools to grow your own food, and keep your soil healthy!  This is a culmination of Sascha's decade of training and experience and unpacks how to "upgrade your backyard into a lush organic food-scape with minimal upkeep."

Sascha's 2 favorite books from 2018:

  1. Finding True Magic
  2. Brainmaker

Enjoy this grounding episode!


“Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, add what is uniquely your own.” –Bruce Lee

"There's always going to be another layer of the onion to peel back. How comfortable are you in peeling back those layers, and how quickly?" – Sascha

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