The Free Radicals
Episode 6

Sultan Salah – From Hip Hop to Ayurveda and Vedic science

Paul Morehead published on

Professor Sultan Salah, M.S. is a PhD researcher in Ayurveda, an experienced teacher and the director of the undergraduate online Ayurveda program at MUM (Maharishi University of Management), he is a Vedic health practitioner, pulse reader, lover of vedic texts, and spiritual scholar. His PhD thesis aims to scientifically validate Ayurveda by bridging ancient Vedic science with the many branches of modern science. 

Professor Sultan Salah, and I dug deep into his past, his struggles, his journey of coming to Fairfield and sinking his teeth into the world of Vedic knowledge.

Sultan came from a typical party-driven lifestyle, founded in Hip Hop. After 2 failed attempts at learning meditation from Bhuddist monks, a late night Google search for "The Best Meditation" he discovered MUM in Fairfield, IA. We discuss addiction, the best meditation, the real meaning of Ayurveda, the power of pulse diagnosis, the Baghdad Gita, and how Ayurveda isn’t a man-made science.

We discuss this and much from his inspiring story in this episode of the Free Radicals.

You can find more about Sultan:

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