The Free Radicals
Episode 3

Tray Good (Part 1) – Being Greater than Ever & Higher consciousness clothing

Paul Morehead published on

I was thrilled to have Tray in the studio, and jam out about all things GooD.

Tray Good, (or Tray Cal-El) is a musician, performer, and Artist with a philosophy. Born and raised in Detroit, MI, he moved to Fairfield IA to attend Maharishi University of Management. He changed his stage name from Yung GooD to Tray GooD, hoping to express his true self through his music. To further express his perspective and help influence positive change in the world Tray created Be Greater Than Ever, a brand, with a mission to "Cultivate The Consciousness of The Culture, One Article of Clothing at A Time." The message is that "You are a Unique Expression of The Infinite Creative Intelligence of All That Is. A Product of Perfection Perpetually being Perfected. Created in The Imagination of The Creator, to Create All of Creation."

We discuss identity, preconceptions of an artist life, being your own sovereign being, why artists get lost, daily miracles, how spiritual practice heals, the seeds of creation, 3 types of learning, morphogenetic fields, overcoming resistance and how humans are the most unnatural creatures.

Note: The recording occasionally blips & spikes. I apologize for this...

You can find more about Tray Good:

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