The Free Radicals
Episode 16

Trev Montavon – Accessing Inner Kingdoms & the Future of Conscious Farming

Paul Morehead published on

In this episode Trev Montavon shares about his growing up on a farm in Illinois, the challenges for large scale agriculture business, and the potential for a major shifts towards a more wholistic, lucrative, and sustainable farming practices. We look at the growing distrust in the corporations, especially millennials, his life saving Crones saving surgery at age 30, and his inspiring healing journey through it all. We discuss his affiliate marketing business (including promoting Transcendental Meditation) and 

We look at mainstream farming in the midwest, and the culture around it, and discuss how online entrepreneurship can create a more holistic approach to life. We also tackle how to foster the divine masculine within us all, and explore the power plays around major social and ecological issues, as well as what happens when we cultivate the divinity within you, as well as dabble into some more controversial systems of politics. 





  • “When you realize that you were wrong and you have found the correct answer, you have aligned youself with the truth.”  – Trev Montavon
  • “If you are lying to yourself your just service the lower case self.” – Trev Montavon
  • “Increase in technology, improving different systems, and people are waking up because they are seeking it more now.” – Trev Montavon
  • “ By respecting myself more, I’m going to show more respect to you, by showing more love for myself, I’m going to show more love for you.” – Trev Montavon
  • "They say a kingdom of heaven is within you, we’re talking thousands of people, theirs tiers and systems and everything working within you, that’s not a house, or a temple, a kingdom is enormous, not just a house of God.” – PJM

Big thanks to Marcelo Lopez for his use of his intro track.  

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