The Functional Challenge
Episode 7

The Curse of Authority: How Your Best Advice May be Killing Your Business and Relationships

David George published on

My guest this week is a highly respected and experienced expert instructor in a therapeutic approach called Motivational Interviewing (or MI).  

Any experienced healthcare professional has at some time or another faced the frustration of poor compliance in the clients they serve.   Here I’m talking about those situations we find ourselves in where we’re offering our best advice to someone who clearly needs it but they just don’t seem to get it - they seem completely resistant to the message… poor compliance follows.  

It doesn’t take to many of these types of encounters to serious drain our energy and motivation and may, over time, have us questioning why we’re doing this at all!

As some of you might now, professional burn-out is an area of interest for me and I see so much value in what you are about to hear in terms of helping to counteract burnout in health professionals. 

Rather than aiming to build compliance, MI is a system that builds empowerment, self-efficacy and autonomy in patients, while supporting empathy in health professionals.  … and as many of you may be aware… empathy is the first thing out the window when we start burning out as professionals.

MI was developed to deal with a condition that is highly stigmatized and tends to attract what many health professionals regard as one the most therapy resistant, defensive and non-compliant populations in healthcare: alcoholism…. But.. this system can be readily applied to any population where behavior change is a desired outcome (as someone who has worked in chronic pain for most of my career.. that’s music to my ears).

Cathy Cole, is a wonderful, down to earth person and a true expert in this field.  I’m sure that you’ll gain so much from this interview, as I certainly did!


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