The Functional Challenge
Episode 8

Trained for Revolution: Cutting through the insanity of the social-media-driven fitness industry

David George published on

This week my guest is Christian Woodford, a well-known and highly-experiencedathletic performance coach in Australia and the founder of Woodford Sports Science Consulting, a world-renowned training facility that serves elite athletes, including a large number of professionals and Olympians.

He is a specializes in athletic strength and power development but he isn’t a run-of-the-mill athletic training professional: 

He is a very colorful figure (to say the least) and he is becoming as much known for hilarious and unique personal style and flair as much for his well-researched approaches to bringing out the best in his growing body of elite athletes.

He feels that he is on a mission to restore common sense and focus to an industry that has been muddied by narcissism, greed and poor accountability to truth. 

In this interview:

We discuss some of the flaws in fashionable training approaches like “Functional” training.

Some of the applications of neuroscience to athletic development.

The power of simplicity in strength training.

In his true style: some pretty fun and animated perspectives on some pitfalls in the fitness industry today.

If you’re into fitness and looking to get a unique update, prepare yourself for a fun hour from a guy that knows his stuff and has a very unique and entertaining way of sharing it with you!


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