The Functional Challenge
Episode 9

Where Your Life Challenges Began: Facing the Demons you Can't See

David George published on

Caleigh Smith is a professional counselor who specializes in trauma-focused therapy and a particular issue called codependence.

Many of you may have heard the term codependence but like most people, might not understand exactly what that is … many of you probably should.    

Many professionals crash into burnout and other life crisis due to underlying issues associated with codependence.    If you feel like you keep bumping into some recurring themes in your life that are bringing you unhappiness and frustration… you may be codependent.

This problem often goes by undiagnosed and wreaks havoc, as a silent destructive force in people’s lives, destroying careers and personal relationships … and the consequences of codependence are often blamed on all sorts of other problems… mostly because people who suffer from codependence most often have no idea about this problem, let alone the fact that they may be affected by it.

Some of the topics covered:

Her perspectives on codependence as someone who has extensive experience in working with addiction (which, by the way, is a common consequence of codependence).

A model of codependence that makes this disorder a bit easier to understand and manage.

How this disorder often plays out among professionals and may lead to burnout.



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