"The Garbage POD is more of a community than a Podcast. It will hopefully bring a fusion of many interests to your Podcast receiver"

Our main Podcast, TGP Xtra is almost like a magazine style show, that brings a whole host of topics and voices to the table.

Over time The Garbage POD has evolved into "The People's Podcast" There are so many interesting people, that really deserve recognition, so we try to bring their stories to you.

Broadcaster and TV presenter, Gareth Jones was a guest on Episode 21 of The original podcast and said this of us:

"Podcasters work in isolation and The Garbage POD is the nearest thing we will Probably get to a union"

Why not  have a listen to the other podcasts in The Garbage POD family:

Blast off into the Podisphere with TGP Nominal, The Garbage POD's Science Fact and Science Fiction based Podcast. What can you expect from TGP Nominal? Everything you wanted to know, from the world of Space, Science, Technology and Sci-Fi.

Fancy a pint? Then join us for TGP Tap Room, our podcast aimed at the beer and cider world. 

Feel free to explore The Garbage POD website and if you want to say "Hi", or if you have any other feedback for the show, for example, themes that you think would make an interesting show, you can contact us by Twitter and Facebook.