A somewhat automotive podcast for gearheads—and friends—who want more from life. 

We're not entirely sure what we're doing, but one thing's for sure: If we don't take charge of our lives and move with initiative, we're just going to end up somewhere. 

The Gearhead Project is an ongoing series of conversations with interesting gearheads—and friends—who have done interesting things or are figuring it out.. Maybe they've started their own businesses. Maybe they've given up and quit. Maybe they just have a cool machine and a story to tell. Whatever the case, Gearbox Magazine founder Brian Driggs encourages gearheads like us to reflect back on how they got where they are, why they are where they are, and what they're doing next—all with an eye on helping YOU explore new ideas, discover exciting new opportunities, and take action.

If we can modify our machines, we can modify our lives. Here's to high-performance machines & lives. 

The Gearhead Project is the official podcast of The Gearhead Project.

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