The Gearhead Project
Episode 2

TGP S01E02 | Greg Wallace, M3-driving DSMer

Brian Driggs published on

Two things I took away from Episode 2:

  1. The M in M3 stands for Magic.

  2. The big question is “Do you?”

We’ve been hearing how great the BMW M3 is for, what, 40 years now? BMW says it. Magazines say it. Owners say it. And yet, most of us will never own one, let alone drive one.

My long-time friend Greg Wallace used to race sport bikes. And then he started playing with and racing Mitsubishis—a 400hp 2GNT Eclipse, a Lancer Evolution, a Galant VR4, a 1G Talon TSi AWD—he’s even got an old Starion kicking around. In 2017, he bought an M3 and told me he would never buy anything else ever again.

I know, right? Really? The M3 is that good? Let’s hear a real wheelman’s take on an icon.

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