The Gearhead Project
Episode 3

TGP S01E03 | Scott Glassbrook, Founder,

Brian Driggs published on

Stick with a project long enough and you’ll run out of aftermarket support.

That’s kind of what happened to Scott Glassbrook. A long, long time ago, he got tired of running 11-second ETs in a DSM making 10-second jam. In a friend’s garage far, far away, he cut the rear subframe out of his first generation Eagle Talon TSi AWD and began building a nasty RWD dragster.

Where we lost interest and picked up something new, Scott doubled down. Where we gave up and moved on, Scott stayed the course. And now, Scott’s racing one of maybe a handful of DSMs that need a wheelie bar.

And it’s awesome.

This is the Gearhead Project.

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