The Gearhead Project
Episode 14

TGP S01E14 | Wade Stoddart, Big Bird, Big Blocks, & the Blue Van

Brian Driggs published on

Ever notice how easy it can be to talk to some gearheads? You meet someone new and, after the usual chit-chat around common ground, discover they come from a completely different background from you.

Most of us would agree (the cool kids, anyway) that, while the machines bring us together, it’s the people who keep us coming back. I met Wade Stoddart through our mutual friend, Phil “Mr. Powerfist” Hansford. Phil drove his Pajero Evolution down to Mitsubishi Owner Day in California last year and Wade came with him, driving his Delica Spacegear.

Having spent a couple hours talking cars, life, and such, with Wade around a battery-operated campfire after MOD, I knew I wanted to get him on the podcast. But all I really knew about the guy was that he has a Delica and brought his son with him on an epic, international road trip that ultimately ended with a bunch of gearheads drinking beer in the mountains.

Wade’s teased a few other bit from his history with me, but I thought it would be fun to use this conversation to get to know him live. You know, just like anyone one of us would getting to know a new gearhead buddy in person.

Beyond the Delica/MOD story, all I know about Wade is he lives in Canada, the Delica isn’t his first Mitsubishi, and he’s done some writing for Canada 4WD. Oh yeah, and he likes hot rods, too. In this episode, we talk about...

  • How he used storytelling to build Big Bird.
  • How concerned he was, seeing his Delica for the first time.
  • A couple old  school trucks, one  of which had a rare PTO option.

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