The Gearhead Project
Episode 15

TGP S01E15 | Evan Hale, EH Motorsports

Brian Driggs published on

We gearheads are a special lot.

We know what we want—and we’re not afraid to roll up our sleeves and sacrifice a few 10mm sockets and wrenches to get it. We take things apart. We figure out how they work. We put them back together—better than ever.

Some are content to remain consumers, buying go-fast bits and playing cars. Others take things a bit more seriously. We want to modify our lives alongside our machines. Such is the focus of The Gearhead Project.

Talk to enough entrepreneurs, gearhead or otherwise, and you start to see patterns.

Some of us knew early on we’d go into business for ourselves one day. Others stumbled into it by accident. And there’s a kaleidoscope of variations in between.

My guest on Episode 15 is Evan Hale, founder of EH Motorsport. He’s a little bit of both. He grew up in a garage. He goes out of his way to help his friends, many of whom go on to become customers.

What’s it take to turn those lights on and keep ‘em on? What’s the reality behind the “play with cars all day” image others see? Give this one a listen and find out.

This is The Gearhead Project.

Find Evan at EH Motorsports

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