The Gearhead Project
Episode 27

TGP S01E27 | Eric De Gaston is not a juggalo

Brian Driggs published on

Eric’s one of the small handful of people I consulted with prior to making this podcast the replacement for Gearbox Magazine.


He’s a fellow Montero owner. He backs up his technical positions with facts, hard data, and—get this, math.


He recently asked me if I’d ever noticed my projects get done faster when I don’t tell anyone about them. Considering I’ve long found my projects get done faster when I’ve told others about them, I wanted to talk about this some more with him.


So we did. And I have never heard someone speak so—justifiably—highly about juggalos before.


You lose if you talk about it. Or do you?


This is the podcast for gearheads—and friends—who treat life like a build thread.


Eric De Gaston is a gearhead project like us.


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