The Gearhead Project
Episode 30

TGP30 | Coach Ken Killin' Watts

Brian Driggs published on

Keep it simple. 



Everybody’s talking about new year’s resolutions and I’m just over here thinking, “I wish I could get my shit together a little bit better EVERY day.”

Meet Ken Theis, gearhead like us, but also a seeker of work-life parallel he is.

Ken and I first connected in earnest back in the spring of 2017. I’d bought my first mountain bike, shared a few pre-work ride results online, and was looking to develop something of a consistent training schedule. Ken was a longtime cyclist and fitness enthusiast who encouraged me early on, shared useful advice, and wanted to stand up a personal training side hustle.

We decided to form a mastermind group. The idea was simple. We’d get on the phone a couple-three times a month to discuss our work-life parallel goals, help each other work through things, and hold each other accountable.

And so it was I came to call this guy COACH Ken.

There’s a massive, long-form interview coming soon, where Coach and I talk cars, side hustles, life, the Universe, and everything, but I decided I wanted to get this conversation out there sooner—because it’s that good.

As we were reflecting on things and exploring ideas, we discovered similarities between success in fitness, business, and cars—there are clear patterns out there to learn from. Think: metaphor.

This conversation was as interesting as it was inspiring.

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