The Godless Antitheist
Episode 3

The Utterly Evil Theodosian Code Waits for Us

plasmaborne4rel borne published on

There Is No Crime for Those Who Have Christ: Religious Violence in the Christian Roman Empire [Hardcover] Michæl Gaddis (Author)


full article link featured in this audio presentation:


It is important for Americans today, in the face of the looming threat of Christian theocracy and the concomitant loss of our religious freedoms, to understand what is at stake. We are most of us familiar with the benefits of the European Enlightenment even if we do not think about it; they are all around us thanks to the actions of the Founding Fathers. But few people are aware of what the European Enlightenment destroyed: the last vestiges of a repressive fifth-century law code, the name of which is largely forgotten.

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