The Igniter Series

Homelessness & Emily Duffy - The Igniter Series #1

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Welcome to the very first episode of the Igniters series!


The aim of this platform is to inspire and motivate people to find their passion and make the most out of it. Every week there will be a guest speaker who will not only share about where they are but where they started. These are ordinary people who have found their passion and created something out of it. 


Emily Duffy is our very first guest on the series and has set the standard so high.  She arrived for the interview dressed so chilled and calm in her tracksuit. Emily had a 9:00 am lecture in Cork and was heading to Donegal later in the evening . A natural globetrotter as Dan called her. In the background I was so excited watching her as Emily's personality lit up the whole room. Dan Ram gave her a run down of the interview and the bright smile on her face said it all ‘ Emily was born ready’. There was a 10 second countdown and the show began!

Emily introduced herself as a student who is absolutely passionate about Homeless people. She is an Award Winning Social Entrepreneur. Dan Ram challenge Emily to a ice-breaker game, Emily accepted the challenge. She had to answer as many random questions as she could in 120 seconds.

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