The Infinite Athlete

The aim of The Infinite Athlete podcast is to discover and share ideas that firstly help our audience to progressively and safely develop their physical fitness and ability so that they truly maximise their potential. In addition to that we will also discuss methods for continued physical improvement as well as what it takes to effectively 'stay in the the game' for the long haul - i.e. maintaining longevity. Furthermore, to 'stay in the game' we'll consider and present adjustments that may be wise or even become necessary as injuries and the natural ageing process take toll on our bodies over time. With expert input from our distinguished guests we will introduce, clarify and share nuggets of wisdom that can by incorporated into the training routines and lifestyles of our audience. The hope is that the information turned out by the show enables enhanced performance and longevity applicable to a wide variety of physical activities and sports.

Sorry, there are currently no episodes available for this podcast.