Episode 2

Elections Matter

Jeffrey Hamill published on
NGC Media updated on

On this episode of TheJHP, Jeff starts the first half talking about the importance of elections. Everything from the Presidenal election to his own state Goveror election. Jeff promotes write-ins over not voting at all and he also thinks that it is crutal to vote for the best contender, even if they are not your number one person you want to win. Following that, Jeff takes a commercial break with playing "Run To Me" by an older band "Chronic: According to Time." Following that, Jeff takes a side tangent and talks about his education. Then getting back onto his show notes, Jeff talks about philisophical ideas that may make him different than other Christians. He explains the story of The Garden of Eden, breaks down the ideas of "The Demonic Perspective" and takes about what TRUE Penicostals look like (act like). For more information, go to to find his show. CONTACT: Email: Twitter: @TheJHP and Voicemail: 323-813-5227!

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