The Last Podcast
Episode 158

The Last Podcast

Karli Winata published on

Back in my days sonny, role-playing games used to rule the home console market, but today, it's become sidelined to the realm of niche. What happened? We look at history and see where it all went wrong for our favorite genre. In the news, we talk up Gearbox ducking out of a lawsuit, Nintendo's bleeding red financials, and EA starting their own subscription service. Karli returns to inFamous: Second Son while playing a new game in Rogue Legacy. Mario continues to torture himself with R.B.I. Baseball 14 but finding a gem in Backyard Football Rookie Rush.
Today's music is courtesy of Rogue Legacy.

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  • Jason Clark

    Best Soundtrack is from Terranigma! You don't have a say unless you've played it!!

  • General Lemon

    Just want to add, RPGs are great, because they are good bang for your buck in terms of being a good time sink!