The Last Podcast
Episode 159

The Last Podcast

Karli Winata published on

We're getting buried in remasters lately it seems. The duo looks into what all this means, and why it has become so prevalent lately. But first, Resident Evil Remake is coming in 2015, Duke Nukem hanging out at the Library of Congress, and a new Call of Duty map pack has been released. For Black Ops 2. For the Wii U. Almost 2 years after everyone else. Insert Karli's sigh here. Mario displays his Lost knowledge and Karli shows off his murderous side. Also he tests the waters of PlayStation Now so you don't have to.
Today's music is courtesy of Zone of the Enders series.

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  • Karli Winata


  • General Lemon

    Also I think remakes/ports can be good when you want the nostalgia factor. My old systems don't work with the new TVs anymore, so that helps.