The Last Podcast
Episode 161

The Last Podcast Ep 161 Part 1 - Day of Destiny

Karli Winata published on

We’re back folks! Miss us? As tradition when we take extended breaks, we return with a special double episode. It’s for the best unless you don’t mind a four hour long episode. In the first part we cover the news. From the new 3DS to Microsoft buying out Mojang, we cover the major news of the past month plus the small stuff like Persona 5 coming to PS4 and Watch Dogs getting a Wii U definitive date. In the second segment, Karli tells us his fanfic of the Avengers and Diablo crossover and the why Rayman Origins is just plain old ugly. The duo then breaks down Destiny and all its downs. Its many, many downs. There’s an up somewhere in there. Maybe.
Today's music is courtesy of Contrast.

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