The Last Podcast
Episode 161

The Last Podcast Ep 161 Part 2 - Social Justice Warriors Unite!

Karli Winata published on

Part 2 of our double episode is… a bit of a downer. Let's just leave it at that. First up, we clean up the second segment where Mario does a diarrhea dump of all the games he played in the past month. Games like Contrast, The Testament of Sherlock Holmes, The Walking Dead, Murdered: Soul Suspect, and a couple of others. After that, we tackle the darkness that's been growing in the dark armpit of gamer culture. It's not pretty. Hugging a puppy/kitten while listening might help. Wished I did that while I did this segment.
Side Note, I found the documentary I mentioned near the end. YouTube Video Game Revolution. It should be the first entry. One hour and 56 minutes long. Go to 25:35 to see her. And I recommend the last part at 1:52:10 as well.
Today's music is still courtesy of Contrast.

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  • General Lemon

    Gamer Gate is so confusing by the minute. Quinnspiracy is a better name for this fiasco!

  • General Lemon

    Not to mention, Gamer Gate is getting out of hand!