The Last Podcast
Episode 166

The Last Podcast EP 166 - Excessive Ass Shots FTL!

Karli Winata published on

In the wake of Bayonetta 2's release, we talk once again about sexism in video games. We hit up some obvious ones such as the Dead or Alive series along with some more subtle ones like Metroid Other M. Before we take a bite out of this topic, we find the somewhat lighter side out of the Gamergate Shenanigans, Jade Raymond leaving Ubisoft, the massive 20 Gig day one update for Halo Master Chief Collection, and Super Smash Bros. getting a massive 8 player versus mode. The duo hasn't touched anything new, not even Bayonetta 2 oddly enough. So they retread Destiny and Diablo 3 among a couple of other "classics."

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  • General Lemon

    If Mirror's Edge proves anything, a female protagonist can work. I just hope the prequel will not make Faith like Samus from Metroid: Other M.