The Last Podcast
Episode 168

The Last Podcast Ep 168 - The Intersection of Theology and Video Games

Karli Winata published on

Do you ever get the sinking feeling the games you're playing feels...familiar somehow? I recommend looking to your faith, because chances are, that game drew from it. The games we play are rife with religious overtones. We dig into the world of games to uncover these various overtones and maybe understand why they keep showing up. Such a deep discussion starts out with lighter fares like the news. Nintendo had another Nintendo Direct, stage adaptations of old computer games, the return of the Hawk, a nickname used by absolutely nobody. While Mario continues to not play anything new, Karli breaks the mold and talks up Bayonetta 2 and Tomb Raider, i.e. that game Mario abandonned a while back. Speaking of gods, we came across one while talking about Destiny. All hail Ranjy, the god(s) of random numbers.

Today's music is courtesy of Tomb Raider

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