The Last Podcast
Episode 180

The Last Podcast Ep 180 - R.I.P. OnLive

Karli Winata published on

The death of OnLive have brought a small tear to Karli’s eyes. In the third segment, Karli explains the quiet ways OnLive foretold the future while explaining why OnLive didn’t stand a chance. It was a slow news week. If it wasn’t for the latest Nintendo Direct, the duo would barely have anything to cover. Karli is stuck on Bloodborne and Bravely Default, so it’s up to Mario to bring on the goods with the new Borderlands Handsome Jack Collection and going back to Watch Dogs for achievements reasons.

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  • General Lemon

    Next eulogy would have to go to Zynga. What have they done lately?

    That's right, nothing much.

  • Karli Winata

    Yeah, but that implies us caring about them.