The Last Podcast
Episode 183

The Last Podcast Ep 183 - Non-playable Doesn't Mean Non-lovable

Karli Winata published on

Just because some video game characters aren’t playable doesn’t mean they’re not memorable and lovable. The duo looks to the past and cherry pick their favorites. The news is Konami heavy this week,Call of Duty pulling a Deus Ex, and Telltale netting yet another property to receive the Telltale treatment. Karli still hasn’t played anything new, and Mario… is no better. In fact, he’s regressed thanks to achievements.
Today’s music is courtesy of the Silent Hill series.

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  • General Lemon

    I know you guys don't care about the series, but Cortana from the Halo series is lovable as she is your companion throughout your alien-merciless-killing adventures!

  • General Lemon

    And yes, welcome, Wolf, to the Apple family!