The Last Podcast
Episode 187

The Last Podcast Ep 187 - Pre-E3 2015 Part 2

Karli Winata published on

In the second part, Mario continues his two obsessions: Destiny and achievements. After getting that out of the way, the duo busts out their crystal balls and try to figure out the content of the upcoming E3. Mario’s all doom and gloom while Karli keeps wishing that Last Guardian is a real thing.
Today’s music is still courtesy of Splatoon.

Here’s a handy list of our E3 predictions by the way.


  • Boring, boring E3
  • Square Enix wins
  • Something about ff15
  • Brand new IP
  • Sony Destiny Expansion
  • New God of War
  • Vita gets less than 5 mentions
  • The Last Guardian = Vita game
  • FF15 release date
  • New LA Noire, Red Dead
  • New Metroid
  • Disney uses Marvel franchise
  • The Witness makes an appearance
  • No Man’s Sky makes an appearance.
  • Sony or MS has the release date of The Division
  • Skies of Arcadia 2


  • New Gears
  • Quantum Break makes an appearance.
  • Star Fox makes an appearance.
  • New Kid Icarus
  • New Mario Galaxy
  • Cod blops 3 on Wii U
  • Nintendo show off mobile games
  • Inside (the Playdead game) makes an appearance.
  • The Division makes an appearance.
  • Morpheus and Hololens make an appearance
  • More remakes
  • Gravity Rush 2 makes an appearance.
  • The Last Guardian still exist
  • New Mass Effect will be shown
  • Halo 5 shows up
  • Street Fighter 5 makes an appearance.
  • Phantom Dust makes an appearance.
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